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jenny mann fine artist blue storm.jpg

Jenny grew up and lives in the small industrial town of Redditch. From her fine art studio she creates all her paintings, cosily from her own home.


She completed her fine art degree in 2009 where she developed abstract landscape art on very large scales. Her inspiration and study topic at the time was the theory of the “Sublime”. One definition of the Sublime could be interpreted as feelings of awe from a vast an open landscape.

In 2006, Jenny completed a HND in Fine Art. Here she looked at a combination of “Luminosity” and Synaesthesia – a neurological phenomenon in which stimulation of one sense can trigger an involuntary experience with another, e.g. sound into colour, or time creating the illusion of space around them.

jenny mann fine artist soundscape bromsgrove college.jpg
jenny mann fine artist colourfield.jpg
jenny mann fine artist cow painting exhibition artrix.jpg

The past nine years, Jenny has successfully built and sold a large portfolio of Cow Portraits. The style she uses incorporates loose brush strokes, a vibrant colour pallet and to capture the cows curious nature, extreme close ups of their faces. Her work with cows started in 2010 when she worked as gallery assistant in Kate Modern, a gallery owned by artist Kate Rees in Stoke Prior. Outside the gallery window was a field full of cows, who would wander down and peer inside through the window. Since seeing these wonderful curious creatures, Jenny has been painting them ever since. She has sold cow art to residents of London, farmers and has even reached America and Australia!

With a growing clientele of portrait commissions, Jenny uses the same loose and vibrant approach to these paintings too. She paints pets, family portraits and celebrity portraits. Originally, she used to paint using a more photo-realist approach, but she found this unenjoyable and much prefers to use colour and contrast to get to the finished result. The eyes are a very important feature in Jenny’s artwork. Often, she starts painting the eyes first, sometimes almost finishing them completely before carrying on with the rest of the painting


jenny mann fine artist marilyn monroe portrait 11.jpg
jenny mann fine artist pet portrait dog labrador 4.jpg

Where next? Jenny is currently seeking fresh inspiration for her fine art practice. Should she carry on building her cow portrait portfolio? Or should she go back to painting enormous abstract landscapes? Or something entirely different? Come back in a few months to see her new body of work. If you have any suggestions, or would like to commission a painting, drop Jenny an email.

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